Home Sweet Home

I have a weakness for old, run-down houses because of their charm and character. I came across a designer who had designed beautiful illustrations of old homes in New York City and fell in love. I started thinking about the homes I've lived in the past and wanted to create my own illustrations.

I also want to dedicate them to my parents and thank them for always giving me and my sisters a place to live and call home. I am forever thankful to have always had that in my life.

No 31

It's to my understanding I technically grew up in another house prior to this one but I was so young I have no recollection of anything happening there, so it doesn't count. My best memory from this house was the street we lived on. A lot of kids we went to school with lived close by so we were constantly outside playing. Street wars, football on the flat's property and bike riding. It was purely childhood at it's finest. 


No 3

Our last house in England before we moved to America. I hated this house in the beginning because me and my younger sister had to almost change schools. Luckily, it never came down to that and my mum was wonderful enough to commute us to school everyday for thirty minutes. Sometimes those rides were a hassle but I also remember having the best time. We'd listen to old Mary J Blidge CDs, talk about our day and sometimes had to lean over the back seat to hold the trunk down since the latch was broken. We'd be laughing the entire way to or from school.

No 618

Our first American home. I loved this house, we all did. It was the best first house in America where we shared a lot of new experiences. The best part was the backyard. There were two swings hanging from the trees outback that we placed our trampoline by. We'd spend all day swinging back and fourth from the trampoline and make dramatic music videos. I loved this house and was sad to leave after a few years to pick up, change schools and start again.

No 2001

2001 was my least favorite house. I don't even like the illustration as much as the others because there wasn't a whole lot that was interesting about this house. It was pretty cookie-cutter and lacked in character but we still had some good memories there. It was also on a street filled with a lot of kids we knew, so we'd spend our entire summer outside playing with them. We didn't live here long and it became the last house we rented. Our family was ready to find our permanent home.

No 1304

When my parents took us to visit this house, I acted a little difficult. As soon as I saw that it was alone on top of a hill and not in a subdivision, I disliked it. I quickly got over that as soon as we moved in. This house was beautiful, it was so big and open and had the prettiest backyard. I had the nicest bedroom with the best view. I loved that bedroom and it remains to be one of my favorite places. A lot happened in this house. My sister got married in the backyard, Sean picked me up from here on our first date, graduations, proms and first job offers. This house will always remain a favorite and I'll always miss being there a little.

No 5412 TH2

My first apartment. I moved out by myself into my first apartment and it was both terrifying and exciting. I have basically lived at home my entire life, even throughout college so this was a big deal. I was ready and my parents knew it too. It was the perfect first apartment where I learned a lot about myself. I loved the responsibility, the independence and privacy. Don't get me wrong, I missed being at home sometimes where I didn't have to make my own dinner or clean the entire house. Those moments would come and go but I don't regret making the decision to leave home, it was the perfect opportunity.

No 2230 APT 101

The first apartment me and Sean shared together. When we came to Seattle for Sean's interview, we were also on the hunt for an apartment. We walked all over and most where either unavailable or too expensive. On our last night here we walked down near Belltown and I noticed this old brick building with faded painted letters on the back. It's charm caught my attention and I ran around the corner to see the front of it. I told Sean this is the place, this is where we should live. We've been at 101 for four months and have loved every part of it. A little cozy at times but it has definitely been the perfect starting point for our new life here in Seattle.